The Municipal Government Act authorizes the Town of Olds to create and enforce bylaws to maintain the health, safety and wellness of our community.

These are the Town of Olds commonly referred-to bylaws. For copies of bylaws not included here, please contact the Legislative Clerk at 403-556-6981 or email

Commonly referenced Town of Olds Bylaws

Number Name
2020-01 Joint Assessment Review Board
A bylaw to establish a joint assessment review board.
2021-15 Uptowne Olds ADP 2013-08 Amendment
2019-09 2019 Property Tax and Supplementary Property Tax Bylaw
A bylaw to authorize the rates of taxation to be levied against assessable property within the town of Olds for the 2019 taxation year.
2020-06 2020 Property Tax and Supplementary Property Tax Bylaw
Authorization of the rates of taxation for the 2020 tax year
2021-07 2021 Taxation Rates and Supplementary Property Tax Bylaw
2020-03 Borrowing Bylaw (Line of Credit)
Authorizes council to establish an operating line of credit for the purpose of financing operating expenditures.
2021-03 Broadband Investment Committee
2020-09 Business License Bylaw
A bylaw for municipal purposes respecting businesses, business activities and persons engaged in business.
2019-29 By-Elections Bylaw
A bylaw to provide for the 2020 municipal by-election in the Town of Olds.
2018-40 Cannabis Consumption Bylaw
A bylaw to regulate the consumption of cannabis in public places
2019-16 Cemetery Bylaw
The bylaw pertaining to the Control and Management of the Olds Cemetery.
2018-01 Code of Conduct Bylaw
A Code of Conduct bylaw for members of Town Council
2021-09 Community Standards Amendment Bylaw
2015-08 Community Standards Bylaw
Consolidation of bylaws dealing with: Public behaviours and nuisances (Cause a Disturbance, Dangerous Practices, Fighting, Graffiti, lnterference with Property, Loitering, Noise, Nuisance, Spitting, Urination and Defecation); Care of properties; Parking and traffic; Dogs and cats.
2021-04 Community Standards Bylaw Amendment - Chickens
2021-17 Community Standards Bylaw Amendment to 2021-04
2021-05 Council Ad-Hoc Committee
2020-15 Council and Committee Procedural Bylaw
2021-13 Council Code of Conduct
2019-22 Council Meeting Procedural Bylaw
A bylaw regarding the procedure and conduct of Council, council committees and other bodies established by the Council.
2019-26 Council Policies & Priorities Committee Bylaw
The ‘Policies and Priorities Committee’ is the formal designation of the Committee of the Whole, and is comprised of each member of the Town of Olds Council.
2019-28 Development Authority Bylaw
2021-12 Election Bylaw 2020-18 Amendment
2019-25 Family and Community Support Services Advisory Board
A bylaw to establish a Family and Community Support Services Advisory Board
2018-28 Fire Bylaw 2018-28
A bylaw to provide for the establishment and operation of a Fire Department, prevention of fires and operation of a fire department.
99-014 Freedom of Information & Protection of Privacy Act Bylaw
A bylaw to establish the administrative structure of the Town of Olds in relation to the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, and to set fees thereunder.
2020-07 Garage/Yard Sale Prohibition Bylaw
Garage and yard sales prohibited due to COVID-19
2020-02 Intermunicipal Planning Agency
A bylaw establishing an intermunicipal planning agency.
2008-02 Intermunicipal Subdivision & Development Appeal Board Agreement
A bylaw to establish the Mountain View County / Olds Intermunicipal Subdivision & Development Appeal board
01-23 Land Use Bylaw (consolidated January 2020)
A Bylaw to prohibit or regulate and control the use and development of land and buildings within the Municipality.
2021-16 Land Use Bylaw 01-23 Amendment
2021-02 Land Use Bylaw Amendment - Chicken Coops
2021-01 Land Use Bylaw Amendment - Murals
2021-18 Line of Credit Borrowing Bylaw
2018-46 Mobile Vendor Bylaw
A bylaw to provide for the permitting of mobile vendors operating in the Town of Olds.
2010-11 Municipal Access Agreement Bylaw
A Bylaw of the Municipality to authorize the Mayor and Administrator to execute a Municipal Access Agreement for the purpose of regulating the Use and Occupation of Municipal Rights-of-Way.
2020-14 Municipal Development Plan
2019-15 Municipal Emergency Management Bylaw
A bylaw to establish an Emergency Advisory Committee and an Emergency Management Agency.
2020-10 Municipal Planning Commission Amendment Bylaw
A bylaw to amend the Town of Olds Municipal Planning Commission Bylaw #2019-23
2019-23 Municipal Planning Commission Bylaw
A bylaw to establish a Municipal Planning Commission
2018-49 Off Site Levy Bylaw
A bylaw to provide for the imposition and payment of a levy, to be known as an "off-site levy", in respect of land that is to be developed or subdivided.
2019-17 Olds Municipal Library Board
A bylaw providing for a Municipal Library Board.
1410-92 Parks, Campgrounds & Public Reserves Bylaw
A bylaw to provide for the control and operation of parks, campground, public reserves and boulevards.
2020-16 Policies and Priorities Committee Bylaw.
2021-11 Public Art Advisory Committee
1177-80 Public Places Bylaw
Licensing, regulating and control of public places and assemblies within the Town of Olds.
2008-27 Public Places Bylaw Amendment
Amendment to the Public Places Bylaw No. 1177-80
2020-17 Rates Bylaw
A bylaw regarding rates to be charged in 2021 for municipal services such as Water, Wastewater and Solid Waste Rates, Fiscal Services Rates, Cemetery Rates, Arena, Planning and Development Fees, Fire Rates, Aquatic Centre Rates, Enforcement, Animal Control Rates, Off Site Levy Rates, Assessment Review Board, Business License Fees, Sunshine Bus.
2018-50 Regional Assessment Review Board
A bylaw to establish a Regional Assessment Review Board
2018-43 Regional Intermunicipal SDAB Board Bylaw
A bylaw authorizing the Town of Olds to enter into an agreement with Parkland Community Planning Services (PCPS) for the provision of intermunicipal subdivision and development appeal board services.
2021-08 Road Closure Bylaw
2018-48 Sidewalk Café & Sales
A bylaw to provide regulations to allow for, regulate and control Sidewalk Cafes and Sidewalk Sales within the boundaries of the Town of Olds.
2011-01 Sign Regulation Bylaw
A bylaw pertaining to permanent, portable, and temporary signs on private or titled property as a means of communication and advertising in a manner that ensures safety and aesthetics.
2007-33 Special Events Bylaw
A bylaw regarding: a. The safety, health and welfare of people and the protection of people and property; b. People, activities and things in, on or near a public place or place that is open to the public; c. Businesses, business activities and person engaged in business; and d. Providing for systems of license, permits or approvals.
2021-06 Supplementary Assessment Bylaw
2020-05 Supplementary Assessment Bylaw
The preparation of supplementary assessments for all improvements in the Town of Olds in 2020.
2018-39 Supplementary Tax Bylaw
A bylaw to authorize the rates of taxation to be levied against assessable property within the town of Olds for the 2018 taxation year.
2016-17 Tax Penalties Bylaw
A bylaw to provide for the imposition of penalties on all taxes remaining unpaid on days specified.
2021-14 Tax Penalty Amending Bylaw
2020-04 Tax Penalty Bylaw Amendment
Temporary removal of unpaid taxes penalty
04-15 Traffic Bylaw and Amendments Thereto
The bylaw to provide for the regulation of parking and of the use of highways located within the Town of Olds.
2005-21 Waste Management Bylaw
A Bylaw for the maintenance of a system for the collection, removal and disposal of waste.
2018-45 Water & Wastewater Bylaw
A bylaw regarding water and wastewater in the Town of Olds.