Strategic Plan

The 2022-2032 Council Strategic Plan, was presented and approved in the June 27, 2022 regular Council Meeting.

Strategic planning is Council’s process of defining the direction, allocating resources and making decisions to achieve their goals. Their Strategic plan includes 4 goals:

  • Residents and Town staff actively communicate and engage with Council through open dialogue.
  • The Olds community is supported and enabled through skillful governance.
  • Olds thriving community is built on strong and collaborative relationships.
  • Sound fiscal practices will be balanced with a commitment to prioritizing value for citizens.

Engaging and communicating with residents is critical in the planning process that Council has set out for their 10-year plan. Citizen perspectives will be critical in their decision-making process to help them better understand matters at hand. This will also ensure that the community’s points of view are considered so the best outcome can be achieved.
“With this in mind, Council invites everyone to participate in their journey to achieve success within these commitments, and we will work together collectively to make the Town of Olds a community of choice!” said Mayor Judy Dahl.

View the Town of Olds 2022-2032 Strategic Plan