2021 Construction

Light Standard Replacement

Proline Power Corp, in conjunction with Fortis Alberta, is replacing light standards within the town and scheduled to complete work by the end of August. The Town's Operations Dept will be working with them to replace any signage that may be affected.

Capital Updates

Highway 27 & 70:

  • Preparation by Contractor started July 26,
  • Erosion controls in place
  • Orders for signal lights and materials are completed
  • Work in progress
  • Project is on budget and on schedule
  • Completion date of October 14

    More details on this project

68th Street / Roundabout:

  • Construction started Monday, July 19
  • Project is well under way
  • Topsoil stripping has been completed
  • Clay base for roundabout in place
  • Detour road for the roundabout is in effect
  • Project is on schedule and on budget. Completion date is October 14, 2021

    More details on this project

Ops Centre:

  • There are some odds and ends left to do such as landscaping and a bit of parking lot, but for all intents and purposes it is complete.
  • Moving into the facility has started - as time allows in a phased in manner.
  • In the process of cleaning up former buildings and sites in preparation for asset disposal/sale.
  • Project is on budget.

North Reservoir Re-lining:

  • Completed under budget by approximately $20,000 (still to be finalized)
  • Completed ahead of schedule by 3 weeks


  • Contractor has poured the pilings for all of the signs
  • They will be forming the remainder of the bases soon, and then placing the signs on top
  • Project is on budget

Sewer re-lining project (Year 2):

  • Contractor completed cleaning, information gathering, and inspection videos. 
  •  Install of liners in progress.

Streets impacted (Approx. 1.3km worth of line):

  • A section of Shannon Drive (from just west of Shannon Close to 43 St Close)
  • Shannon Close
  • A section of 55 Ave (44 ST to 43 ST)
  • 49 Street (50 Ave to 52 Ave)
  • 56 Street (49 Ave to 48 Ave)
  • 49 Ave (one small section going north from 56 ST)
  • 51 St (48 Ave to 47 Ave)

AC install in Evergreen Centre and Sump Pump replacement in Sportsplex

  • AC in Evergreen Centre installed July 21. 

Sump Pump replacement in Sportsplex scheduled for August 3-5

  • Ice making on Main begins July 23 
  • Ice will be in on Main August 6
  • Ice will be in on Auxiliary September 26

Sanitary Relining Program

Completed  July 9. 

See the Relining Locations Document

Waterline leak repair along Highway 27 west of 57 Ave 

  • Completed
  • One of the oldest remaining lines in town, originally a pipe from water well outside of town, 
  • Eventually this line with be abandoned, however it still feeds a few businesses, as development has occurred new/redeveloped lots have hooked into newer line
  • Valves installed to assist with line isolation when required


Hospital Parking Lot (NOT A TOWN PROJECT)

  • Began August 9, work underway to start to repair and resurface the hospital parking lots
  • Resurfacing work will be completed in phases in order to limit the impact to onsite parking as much as possible, however there will be some displacement of staff and visitors to the street during this work
  • Phase one will be complete by September, following which phase two will start immediately and be completed by December – weather permitting
  • Town has painted curb to reenforce highlighted no parking areas on street at entrance
  • Town has placed Construction Zone signs with 30 km/hr limits as a traffic calming measure for the duration of this project while parking is displaced to other areas outside of the AHS property