2021 Construction

Sanitary Relining Program - June 8

The Sanitary Relining Program starts June 8 with a flushing and video inspection of the sanitary lines in various areas throughout Town. Residents should expect to see heavy equipment on the roadways to complete this work. Residents and businesses will not experience any loss of sanitary services for this preliminary cleaning and preparation work, expected to take 4 to 5 days to complete. Once completed, the final materials will be ordered and the contractor will return in approximately a month to complete the installation. 

Traffic accommodation will be put into place during this work.

See the Relining Locations Document

Capital Updates

Highway 27 & 70:

  • RFP is complete and contractor is selected. 
  • Currently awaiting Alberta Transportation final approval for the drawings. 
  • Once the approvals are competed, the contract will be signed for the project.
  • Expected start date is late June

68th Street / Roundabout:

  • Alberta Environment Approvals have been received.
  • Contractor is ordering materials.
  • Fortis is expected to start moving power poles and burying a portion of the line shortly.
  • Main contractor is expected to start at the beginning of July. 

Ops Centre:

  • There are some odds and ends left to do such as landscaping and a bit of parking lot, but for all intents and purposes it is complete.
  • Moving into the facility has started - as time allows in a phased in manner.
  • Project is on budget.

North Reservoir Re-lining:

  • Contractor has started work.
  • A Level 1 Water Restriction is in place for duration of construction on the north water reservoir.
  • Scaffolding is set up on the outside and inside of the reservoir. 
  • High pressure washing to remove loose debris and expose any other potential issues was completed.
  • There were additional quantity that was identified on the ceiling of the reservoir, but this is covered under the existing project budget.
  • Project is on budget and on schedule.


  • Locations are staked out, and locates are being completed.
  • 6 Vehicle Directional (mostly around Uptowne core) & 1 Civic Amenity (New Ops Centre)
  • Contractor is expected to start in the next week or two.

Sewer re-lining project (Year 2):

  • Contractor is starting this week with cleaning, information gathering, and inspection videos. 
  • Once this is complete, it is usually a month for the liners to be made before coming back to install.

Streets impacted (Approx. 1.3km worth of line):

  • A section of Shannon Drive (from just west of Shannon Close to 43 St Close)
  • Shannon Close
  • A section of 55 Ave (44 ST to 43 ST)
  • 49 Street (50 Ave to 52 Ave)
  • 56 Street (49 Ave to 48 Ave)
  • 49 Ave (one small section going north from 56 ST)
  • 51 St (48 Ave to 47 Ave)

AC install in Evergreen Centre and Sump Pump replacement in Sportsplex

  • Arrangements being finalized with contractors for timing/availability for work to be completed (each only a couple of days)