KIOTI Tractor Champions Cup 2022

Watch the above video for a thank you message from Pinty's to the Town of Olds for making the Kioti Tractor Champions Cup a great success.

Team Gushue and Team Einarson capture grand slam victories

After six days of curling, the Kioti Tractor Champions Cup, Team Brad Gushue and Team Kerri Einarson emerged as Grand Slam champions. Team Gushue upset Team Koe in the men's final while Team Einarson bested Team Gim of Korea for the women's crown.

Brad Gushue, Mark Nichols, Brett Gallant and Geoff Walker celebrate with the Kioti Tractor Champions Cup trophy at the Olds Sportsplex. (Sportsnet Photo)

Briane Meilleur, Shannon Birchard, Val Sweeting and Kerri Einarson celebrate with the KIOTI Tractor Champions Cup trophy at the Olds Sportsplex. (Sportsnet Photo)

 Volulnteer Effort

A huge thank you goes out to the many volunteers who made this event a great success. The community of Olds can be proud of this accomplishment. 

Complete Coverage

For detailed coverage of the Champions Cup, visit the Grand Slam of Curling website ​​​​​​

For some memories of the week of curling, see the Photo Memories Page

Qualifying Teams

Team Edin                        Karlstad, SWE    
Team Mouat                   Edinburgh, SCO
Team Gushue                 St. John’s, NL   
Team Bottcher              Edmonton, AB    
Team Koe                         Calgary, AB    
Team Dropkin                Duluth, MIN    
Team Sturmay               Edmonton, AB    
Team Epping                  Toronto, ON    
Team Gunnlaugson    Winninpeg, MB    
Team Jacques                Edmonton, AB   
Team Kim                         Uiseong, KOR    
Team Jacobs                   Sault Ste. Marie, ON
Team Einarson          Gimli, MB   
Team Homan             Ottawa, ON    
Team Hasselborg    Sundbyberg, SWE  
Team Tirinzoni          Aarau, SUI    
Team Fleury                East St. Paul, MB    
Team Jones                  Winnipeg, MB    
Team EJ Kim               Gangneung, KOR
Team Gim                     Uijeongbu, KOR  
Team Christensen   Duluth, MIN   
Team Holland             Kronau, SK   
Team Dupont              Hvidovre, DEN   
Team Peterson           St. Paul, MIN