Best Friend Challenge

Example: Jimmy Fallon & Justin Timberlake

How to play:
1.    Contact a friend and set up a time to chat - over the phone, Face Time, Zoom or whatever platform works for the both of you.
2.    You will each need some scrap paper and a marker or dry erase board and marker
3.    Have your friend randomly choose 5 numbers between 1 & 40 and they keep those numbers to themselves. (you can choose to do more or less if you want)
4.    Select a number: 
a.    Person A asks person B the selected question and person B needs to write down the answer about person A.  
b.    Person A also writes down the correct answer about themself. 
c.    Once you have both written down answers, person B will reveal their answer first and then person A will reveal the correct answer, 
5.    The friend guessing the answer gets a point if it is a match
6.    Alternate; Person A will then answer the next question about person B.
7.    Keep alternating until all selected questions are answered.
If  you want to make it more technical, interactive and game-show like, use a platform where screen sharing is allowed (ie Zoom).
1.    Host of meeting has the Best Friend Questions document open on device ready to share
2.    Host also has open on device

    •    Enter in the number from 1- 40 into the generator

    •    Use the random generator to select the questions you will answer about each other

3.    Have your scrap paper and markers ready and when you finish writing you can show your answers to the camera

Download your list of Best Friend Challenge questions