Animal Services

Responsible Animal Ownership

Pet Licence Application

To apply for a NEW pet licence for cats and dogs, fill and submit the

online Pet licence application form

Pet Licence Renewals: You will receive a renewal letter from the Town at renewal time. Please follow the instructions in that notice.

Urban Hen Licence Applications

Before applying for an Urban Hen Licence, you will need a Development Permit for Urban Hens. See the Urban Hen expandable tab on the Permits Page.

To apply for a Urban Hen licence, fill and submit the Online Urban Hen Licence Application Form

If you have an existing animal licence, renewal letters are sent out in early January. If you did not receive yours please contact the Town office.

Animal Licence Payments

For current animal licence rates, please refer to the Town of Olds Rates Bylaw.

Animal Licence Payments can be made via:

  • online banking (Town Olds (AR) using your customer ID*), 
  • cheque, cash or credit card at the administration office.

*if you do not know your customer ID please contact the administration office, 403-556-6981.

    Your Pet’s Licence is Their Ticket Home!

    All dogs and cats over 3 months of age living in the Town of Olds require a licence which must be renewed yearly, for a fee. The deadline for renewing licences is February 28 of each year. If the animal comes into your possession after that date, a Town licence must be obtained right away. 

    • Ensure your contact information is up to date  so you can be reunited with your loved one.
    • All dogs and cats must wear their Town of Olds licence tag when off their owner’s property.
    • No more than three (3) dogs of an age more than three (3) months shall be registered or kept in a household/property.


    • Pet owners must not allow animal feces to accumulate in their yard.
    • Owners must ensure their animals do not become a nuisance by barking, howling or creating noise that may disturb a person. An animal declared a nuisance by Municipal Enforcement Services will be subject to increased fines and licensing fees.

    Lost Pets

    • If a pet has gone missing, file a lost pet report with the Town of Olds immediately.
    • A pet’s licence is their ticket home! Be sure to check with nearby Veterinary Clinics and Rescue organizations.

    Pets Found At Large

    • Check for tags. Call the owner if the number is available.
    • Call the Town of Olds at 403-556-6981 if the owner cannot be located or if the animal has no tag.

    Stoop and Scoop

    • Animal owners are required to pick up after their pets on any public or private property, including their own yard, neighbours' yards, parks, sidewalks, roads, etc.
    • The Town of Olds supplies doggie bags in every park within Town limits and at the Off-Leash Dog park located west of Town on Highway 27.

    Pets in Public Spaces

    • Cats and dogs are not allowed to be “at large”. This means they must remain on their owner’s property or under their owner’s control by means of a leash at all times.
    • Under the Bylaw, cats are not allowed to roam freely off their owner’s property.
    • When off their owner’s property, animals must be under control by means of a leash. The only exception is in the designated Off-Leash Dog Park area.
    • When using the off-leash area, dog owners must ensure their dog is under control. This means that the dog is within their owner’s sight and responds to commands.
    • When on pathways, please ensure that animals do not interfere or obstruct other pathway users.

    Pets and Public Safety

    • Owners must not leave their animals unattended in a vehicle unless there is suitable ventilation and weather conditions are appropriate.
    • If pets are tethered in the back of a vehicle, the pet’s movement must be restricted to prevent access to people outside the vehicle.

    All Pets Deserve A Lifetime Commitment

    Pet ownership means a commitment for the lifetime of that animal. All animals require daily care, nutritious food, fresh water and exercise. If you are thinking about acquiring a pet or companion animal for your home, ensure you have done your research, know what yearly costs will be and determine whether you have the time to invest in humanely caring for your pet.
    Things to consider:
    •    Temperament
    •    Housing
    •    Licencing
    •    Microchip/Tattoo
    •    Spay/Neuter
    •    Vaccinations
    •    Lifestyle
    •    Training and Exercise
    •    Grooming
    •    Work/Life Schedule

    Additional Pet Resources

    To locate a lost animal's owner, use the form below. 

    To  apply for a pet licence, use the form below. 

    For information on pet licence fees, please see the Town's Rates Bylaw

    For specific information, please refer to the Community Standards Bylaw (Part six)

    Contact Information

    If you have any questions about animal issues, please contact Town of Olds Municipal Enforcement.

    Phone: 403-507-4850