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Volunteering for Authorities, Boards, Commissions & Committees

The work of volunteer board members is an integral part of local government, engaging citizens in their community. A Council committee is a committee, commission, board, or other body established by Council under the Municipal Government Act and municipal bylaws. Council committees act in an advisory capacity to council.
In 2023-2024, Councillors and appointed members from the public at-large will serve on approximately 18 authorities, boards, commissions, and committees on behalf of the Town of Olds.  Appointments to various committees are made at Council's annual Organizational Meeting, held the last Monday of October. 
To find additional information, please click on the name of the committee, commission, and board you are interested in. 

Become a Board Member!

The Town of Olds is seeking Community Volunteers for the following Boards:

  • Citizens Committee on Council Compensation - applications close February 26, 2024 at noon.

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Town of Olds Committees, 2023-2024

Council & Public at Large Appointments

Ad Hoc Citizens Committee on Council Compensation

Public at Large members only

No later than March 1st of the prior year (year three (3) of the term) of the general municipal election, Council shall appoint an Ad Hoc Citizens Committee on Council Compensation consisting solely of public at large members.

This Committee sets their own meeting dates. Council shall charge the Ad Hoc Citizens Committee on Council Compensation to report within 90 days with recommendations on the policy on honorariums and benefits to be established for members of Council elected in that years' general municipal election.

Remuneration and Benefits Policy

Committee Bylaw 2024-06>

Town of Olds is currently seeking (minimum of three to a maximum of five) citizen volunteers to form an Ad Hoc Committee to make recommendations on the Town of Olds Council Compensation and Benefits Policy for the elected term October 2025 to October 2029.


Appointments to the Committee will be made at a Regular Council Meeting. Once appointed, the Committee has 90 days on which to review the current policy on council compensation and present their recommendations at subsequent regular Council meeting.


The Town of Olds process and guiding policies include, Remuneration and Benefits and Recruit Public At Large Volunteers.


Questions can be directed to the Legislative Clerk at 403-507-4801. If you are interested in this community opportunity, send your expression of interest to:

Town of Olds

4512 46 Street, Olds, Alberta, T4H 1R5

Or by email to:

Central Alberta Economic Partnership (CAEP)

Council Member and a Business Representative

CAEP works to support economic growth in the Central Alberta region. Representatives shall be part of the membership responsible for setting the overall direction of the Central Alberta Economic Partnership. 

Economic Development Action Committee (EDAC)

Council Member and Public at Large

The Town has established a council committee that acts in an advisory role by making recommendations and providing strategic advise to council on economic and business development in the Town of Olds.
BYLAW 2023-37

Mountain View Power Committee (MVPC)

Public at Large members only

The Town has established a council committee that will make recommendations to council on the distribution of funds via the Community Grant Program. Only individuals who are Mountain View Power customers are eligible to sit on the committee. This includes individuals who own or reside at any property that is a Mountain View Power customer. 

Read the Mountain View Power Committee Bylaw

Olds Fibre Ltd. Board of Directors (OFL BoD)

Council Member and Public at Large

Olds Fibre Ltd. o/a O-NET Municipally Controlled Corporation. O-NET is 100% owned by the Town of Olds.  As a Municipally Controlled Corporation, O-NET operates as a public body under the laws and regulations of the Province of Alberta.

Olds Municipal Library Board (OML)

Council Member and Public at Large

​Monthly Meeting

Contact the Library Manager for meeting details.

  • The Town of Olds Library Board has full management and control of the Library and in accordance with regulations, organizes, promotes and maintains comprehensive and efficient library services in the municipality and cooperates with other boards and libraries in the provision of these services.

  • Library Contact Information


Internal Council Committee Appointments

Emergency Advisory Committee

All Council members only

Inter-municipal Cooperation Committee (ICC)

Mayor (required) and two (2) Council members

External Council Committee Appointments

Mayors of South-Central Alberta (MSCA)

Mayor required

Mountain View Regional Waste Management Commission (MVRWMC)

Council member and alternate

Mountain View Regional Water Services Commission (MVRWMC)

Council member and alternate

Mountain View Seniors' Housing (MVSH)

Council member

Municipal Area Partnership (MAP)

Mayor required

Citizens on Patrol (COP)

Council member

Olds & District Chamber of Commerce (CoC)

Council member

Olds Health Professional Attraction and Retention Committee (OHPARC)

Council member

Parkland Regional Library Board (PRLB)

Council member

Red Deer River Municipal Users Group (RDMUG)

Council member and alternate

South Red Deer Regional Wastewater Commission (SRDRWWC)

Council member and alternate