Authorities, Boards, Commissions & Committees

The work of volunteer board members is an integral part of local government, engaging citizens in their community. Appointments to various Boards and Committees are made at Council's annual Organizational Meeting, held the last Monday of October. 

Volunteers for Authorities, Boards, Commissions & Committees

Become a Board Member!

The Town of Olds is seeking Community Volunteers for two-year terms on the following Boards:

  • Family & Community Support Services (FCSS)
  • Municipal Planning Commission (MPC)
  • Olds & District Municipal Library Board (OML)
  • Olds Policing Advisory Committee (OPAC)
  • Olds Public Art Advisory Committee (PAAC)

Apply for appointment to Authorities, Boards  Commissions & Committees

Individuals are encouraged to attend at least one meeting prior to submitting an application for appointment.

Meeting schedules for all Authorities, Boards, Commissions & Committees

appointments of Elected Officials, 2021-2022

Family and Community Support Services Advisory Board

FCSS Advisory Board Bylaw

At least five (5) regular meetings of the Board are held each year, the time and place are determined by the Board at its annual organizational meeting each November.

  • The FCSS Advisory Board acts act in an advisory capacity to Council in relation to questions affecting the development of the Family and Support Services Programs and Services:
  • seeks information from the citizens of the Olds and region community relating to community needs and their satisfaction with the range and quality of preventive social programs available in the community and assist in formulating responses.
  • hears and considers representations from individuals, organizations or delegations of citizens with respect to the Family and Community Support Services program of The Town.
  • reviews and considers programs, services and projects and applications and recommend on their disposition in relation to the program.
  • promotes cooperation and collaboration with organizations - public, private, civic, social and religious – within community that are involved in preventive social services.

Olds Municipal Library Board

​Monthly Meeting

Contact the Library Manager for meeting details.

  • The Olds & District Municipal Library Board has full management and control of the Library and in accordance with regulations, organizes, promotes and maintains comprehensive and efficient library services in the municipality and cooperates with other boards and libraries in the provision of these services.

Olds Municipal Library Board Bylaw

Municipal Planning Commission

The Municipal Planning Commission advises Council with respect to achieving orderly, economical and beneficial development, use of land and patterns of human settlement, and to maintain and improve the quality of the physical environment within which the patterns of settlement are situated in the town. The MPC meets on the third Thursday of each month at 8:30 a.m. in the Council Chamber at the Town Office.


Intermunicipal Subdivision & Development Appeal Board


The Council of the Town of Olds deems it necessary to establish an intermunicipal subdivision and development appeal board to hear subdivision and/or development appeals within the Fringe Area of the Intermunicipal Development Plan between the Town of Olds and Mountain View County.

Regional Assessment Review Board

The Regional Assessment Review Board Bylaw 2018-50  hears appeals regarding any of the following matters, as shown on an assessment or tax notice:

  • (a) the description of a property or business;
  • (b) the name and mailing address of an assessed person or taxpayer;
  • (c) an assessment;
  • (d) an assessment class;
  • (e) an assessment sub-class;
  • (f) the type of property;
  • (g) the type of improvement;
  • (h) school support;
  • (i) whether the property is assessable;
  • (j) whether the property or business is exempt from taxation under Municipal Government Act Part 10.

In order for a member of an assessment review board to be qualified to participate in a hearing, the member must successfully complete a training program, approved by the Province of Alberta Municipal Government Board; and every 3 years successfully complete a refresher training program set by the Province of Alberta Municipal Government Board.

Public Art Advisory Committee

The purpose of the Public Art Advisory Committee is to provide expert and community input on Public Art for the Town of Olds. The Committee may provide recommendations and advice to Town Administration on policies, guidelines, plans and issues as they relate to public art. The Committee may have the authority to make decisions on the selection of Public Art based on the criteria in desired outcome standards and other specific criteria that may be additionally outlined by Town Administration and/or Town Council. 

Town of Olds Council Policy 120C – Public Art

Olds Policing Advisory Committee

RCMP Policing Priorities Survey, March 2021

Every year the Olds Detachment reaches out to residents and businesses to help determine policing priorities for our Community. Policing priorities ensure that in addition to responding to calls for service, members focus on the policing issues most important to the public.

Read the Survey results here

The Olds Policing Advisory Committee (OPAC) is a committee established by the Council of the Town of Olds (“the Town”) for the purpose of providing a forum to receive input from the community with respect to public safety matters, objectives and priorities. The underlying philosophy of the OPAC is to provide safe, effective and fair policing through community input.

For more information on OPAC, email or call 403-507-4811.

OPAC Terms of Reference

Ad Hoc Citizens Committee on Council Compensation

No later than March 1st of the prior year (year three (3) of the term) of the general municipal election, Council shall appoint an Ad Hoc Citizens Committee on Council Compensation consisting solely of public at large members.

This Committee sets their own meeting dates. Council shall charge the Ad Hoc Citizens Committee on Council Compensation to report within 90 days with recommendations on the policy on honorariums and benefits to be established for members of Council elected in that years' general municipal election.

Remuneration and Benefits Policy