Notice of Public Hearings

As per the Municipal Government Act, Town Council is required to hold a public hearing as part of the process to approve or amend a land use bylaw or other statutory plans.  The purpose is to receive comments on related land use and rezoning applications.  All hearings are open to the general public and your attendance is encouraged as they are an opportunity to let Town Council know your views on various issues regarding land use and development.  You are encouraged to submit your comments in writing to Planning & Development prior to a hearing. Written submissions which have been received before the designated meeting time will be included in the report for the Public Hearing.

Scheduled Public Hearings

BYLAW NO. 2021-01
Amendment to the Land Use Bylaw – Murals
Monday, March 22, 2021 at 1:00p.m.

Bylaw No. 2021-01 proposes to add regulations relating to the development of murals. The proposed bylaw:

  • creates a definition for “mural” and assigns murals as a discretionary use to non-residential areas and larger public buildings in residential areas;
  • sets out application requirements for murals which includes review by the Town of Olds Public Art Advisory Committee before a mural is approved;
  • provides expectations of the types of murals that may be allowed and the types that will not be allowed; and
  • describes expectations and requirements for the upkeep and maintenance of approved murals.

Read Bylaw No. 2021-01 here 

Read the entire Notice of Public Hearing regarding proposed Bylaw No. 2021-01 here