Tony DiGuglielmo

Title: Canuck
Medium: Marble
Artist: Tony DiGuglielmo, Canada

Description: Canuck is a beautifully stylized portrait of an Iroquois man.

The style transitions from organic on the left (the face) to cubic on the right (the head dress).

In addition to being a beautiful form, this artistic transition speaks to the evolution of life in Canada since the Europeans came to Canada.

The sculpture denotes the transforming of the way of life from living harmoniously with nature to the ways we live now within a gridwork of roadways and predominantly cubic building styles.


Tony was born in Italy but was raised in Montreal where he completed a Bachelor in Physics, followed by a teaching certificate, bachelor of Fine Arts and masters in the teaching of the Arts. Although he dedicated a large part of his life to teaching, he now devotes all his time to sculpture. Man and everyday life are the sources of his inspirations. In his works he fuses the concept of man with elements of nature. 

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