Hung Tran

Title: Yin and Yang
Medium: Granite
Artist: Hung Tran, Vietnam

Description: Yin and Yang is a Chinese term that roughly translates to balance or harmony. At the top of Hung's sculpture is a man, the recessed area is a woman with hair flowing down her back and the negative space is the baby.

With the form balanced on the end of the column, this sculpture is demonstrating that family is a good balance for your life.

Hung is a well-known sculptor in Vietnam. He earned his Bachelor of Fine Art Degree at Ho Chi Minh City Fine Art University.

Several of his sculptures have been placed in public. Morton and Hung have participated together in several events and each of them have had monumental sculptures placed in the permanent collection of Hassla Open Air Museum in South Korea.

Yin and Yang is the only sculpture created at Bergen Rocks using Granite. The material was salvaged from a building in Vancouver that was being demolished.

Granite is extremely hard compared to marble and completing this sculpture in only one month is a considerable feat.

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