Land Use Bylaw & Zoning

The Town of Olds Land Use Bylaw affects all properties and land uses within the municipality. It sets the standards for lot sizes, building placements, building heights, parking, landscaping, sign placement, fences and sometimes the architectural design of proposed developments.

Zoning is a way to organize a municipality into different districts, each with their own set of uses and standards. Please see the updated (2024) Town of Olds zoning map.

If a parcel of land is not currently zoned for a certain use under the current land use district, a landowner may choose to apply to rezone the parcel to another land use district that may allow the proposed land use of the parcel. Depending on the proposed future use, an area structure plan or an area redevelopment plan amendment may also be required.

The rezoning process entails a Land Use Bylaw (LUB) amendment bylaw and all applications are reviewed by Council.  The process takes 6-8 weeks and requires a Public Hearing in order to provide all interested parties the opportunity to address Council.   The fee for a LUB amendment is $240.

Contact the Planning & Development Department for more information.
Land Use Bylaw Amendment Application