2021 “I LOVE Olds” Photo Contest Winners Chosen

In April 2021, residents and visitors were invited to once again take part in the online “I LOVE Olds” photo contest. Each and every photo uploaded to the website is stunning and the Town thanks all residents and visitors for sharing their vision of Olds through their camera lens. The contest ran throughout spring and summer and closed August 31, 2021.
Three photographs were chosen and enlarged as canvas portraits that will adorn the walls of Town of Olds facilities. Photographers Cheryl Persson, Leona Megli and Alicia Webb were invited to sign their canvas, and received a thank you gift from Council. Due to Covid-19 safety restrictions, the photographers attended the virtual Policies & Priorities Council Meeting held October 4, 2021, to meet with Council.
The Town of Olds would like to thank all photographers who graciously uploaded photos to the Town of Olds website photo gallery for the “world” to enjoy them. Please don’t put away your cameras, you are invited to continue to upload your favorite photographs to the gallery, as the Town will continue to hold photo contests.