The Town Office in Olds is located at 4512 46 St, along Highway 27. Residents are able to pay their utility bills at this office, at their banks, or online.
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The Town of Olds has approved a Blue Bin Pilot Project to run for one year from August 2012 to the end of July 2013. The goal of the program is to reduce the waste going into landfills. About 800 homes in Olds will be serviced in this pilot project.

Click this image to see the Residential Roll Out Bin Collection Areas Map.

Setting up your Utilities Account

Contact - Utilities Administrator

Your monthly Utilities bill includes charges for water, wastewater and garbage. Located under Olds' streets, homes, businesses and parks there are millions of dollars' worth of water, wastewater, gas and electrical infrastructure. Part of your utilities payment goes toward maintaining the Town-owned portions of this immense and complex network. Your water and wastewater consumption (actual or estimated usage) are added to these base charges.

Application Forms

Current Residential Utilities Rates
(rates are subject to change by Council motion)

Utilities bills are mailed monthly. If you allow your account payments to lapse, you will be charged a penalty of 1.5% of the combined balance per month. Services may be disconnected after 30 days following the date of billing on unpaid accounts. Reconnection will take place once arrears are paid, plus a charge of $100.

Paying your Utilities Bill
An easy and convenient way to pay your bill is though Pre-Authorized Debit. No missed bills, no missed due dates! Simply complete the Pre-Authorized Debit form and return it to Town Office with a "VOID" cheque. You can also pay your bills as listed below:

  • Pay at Town Office
    • Cash
    • Cheque
    • Interac
    • VISA (limit of $1,000 per transaction)
    • MasterCard (limit of $1,000 per transaction)
  • Pay at most Financial Institutions
    • Cash
    • Instant Teller/ATM
    • Cash Transfer
  • Pay from home

4512 - 46 Street, Olds, Alberta, Canada, T4H 1R5 ... Phone: 403-556-6981 ... Fax: 403-556-6537 ... E-Mail: